Hydrating Activator

This formulation was developed specially to regulate natural moisturizing activities of the skin. Within 28 days the skin begins to optimize its own natural moisturizing activities giving the skin a young and fresh look.

γ-PGA has the ability to moisturizing and replenish with visible results. The best treatment for dry and ageing skin!

This formulation also contains a rich complex of Hydrolyzed Protein and other valuable plant extracts supporting the skin retain youthful elasticity and long lasting freshness.

TIF-C Lightening Serum

The highest concentrated vitamin-C (L-Ascorbic Acid 30%) in History. A functional nucleotide composed by post trascriptional genesilencing technology to stop tyrosinase from mRNA transcription process in Melanocyte. The best way to prevent post laser sequela: PHI (Post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation).

O2 Spray

Dr. PGA O2 Spray has a wide range of applications you can benefit from. It is an effective skin moisturizer for face & body. It also can be used as a vitalizer while travelling by plane or by car or anytime you need to boost your energy reserves. Dr. PGA O2 Spray is a pressurized can containing 100% pure oxygenated-water. Dr. PGA O2 Spray offers between 10 to 20 times more oxygen than normal water.